Let us introduce ourselves, what we do and what fascinates us. 

Not that it matters that much. What interests us the most is who you are and what we can do for you.

What does Collective do?

Difficult to explain in a few words. We do a lot of things behind the scenes that make a difference and are therefore important. In a nutshell: Collective is the exclusive agent for 11 beautiful furniture and lighting brands. Our field of activity is Belgium and Luxembourg. We are the main distributor for our 11 brands in that region.

Why does a brand join forces with Collective?

We are the eyes and ears of the brand in our region. We keep our finger on the pulse of market evolutions, have a thorough knowledge of that market and ensure that a brand is represented in the best possible way. We also offer a whole range of services and knowledge that support sales. Our goal is to make our brands stronger and make them grow.

What can we do for architects and other prescribers?

We offer a valuable helping hand. Any professional who is preparing a project, has a thousand things to take into account. For prescribers who are integrating one of our brands in their project, we want to be a sounding board and a helpline. Please refer to our services page for further explanation.

What makes us unique?

We don’t know whether we are unique. But we’re trying to be. By questioning ourselves and the way we work every day. By investing in new ways of communication. By keeping our eyes open for what's going on in the world and trying to include that big evolution in our little story. That is a much needed work in progress. That makes us unique.

Join us for coffee!

Are you based in Belgium or Luxemburg and working as an interior design professional?  Are you an interior architect, facility manager, project developer or ...? Make sure to check our services page and find out what we can do for you. Give us a call or send us an email. We would like to hear how we can help.

Would you like to work with one of our brands as a retailer or project dealer? Let us know, we will be delighted to discuss this with you.