We support the Belgian and Luxembourg design professionals as good as we can. 

If they include our brands in their projects, we are at their disposal. With product information, an overview of the models that match the project criteria, acoustic or lighting advice, material samples, or other help that they currently might need.

Product Info

Everything starts with product knowledge. But the information professionals need when they look for the right furniture and lighting for their clients is so specific sometimes that it would be useful if someone could offer some guidance.

Maybe they have to choose furniture or lighting that has to meet certain requirements? We can offer them a first selection from the products our brands have in their collections. Does a sofa fit the budget? Does a chair meet the required sustainability standard? Which lighting fixture fits the concept?

We listen to them and, based on their story and requirements, put together a package with which they can convince their customer in an informed way.

Lighting advice

In order for a project to succeed, it is crucial that the lighting is right.  Choosing the right light requires technical knowledge. We are happy to help our Belgian and Luxembourg contacts with that and to offer advice on the light temperature and intensity of the light fittings of our brands. If they are working on a more complex project and need more in-depth advice, we can, depending on the project, provide them with a light study.

Acoustical advise

Good spatial acoustics are important. Solving or preventing acoustic problems is a skill in itself.

Our team has the experience and knowledge to determine the cause of the acoustic problem and to examine whether and how it can be solved.

If one of our contacts is designing an office, meeting room or restaurant and wants to ensure proper acoustics, they can call on the expertise and advice of our people. Does resonance stand in the way of a serene working atmosphere after the refurbishing of a meeting room? We look for solutions.